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Rilke 2013年6月25日下午6:04
LAN Party
Hello, I was just wondering how easy it is to LAN this game! Thank you
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Spray & Pray 2013年6月28日下午1:19 
We do it all the time. Set up a coop internet server, LAN players join, usually some players join form the internet as well. Its a blast.
Rilke 2013年6月29日上午12:03 
Sweet! Thanks for the info :)
Rudolf Fischer 2014年5月31日上午11:58 
how many player can play in coop - and what is the coop-mode? What can you do there? Do you play the maps against bots? 4vs4? Can you play 3 vs 4 or 3vs3 too in coop-mode?
Rilke 2014年5月31日下午3:55 
I'm not sure, I never got around to LANing :( sorry man!
Number13 2014年6月4日下午1:34 
I do it all the time with 3. This has been my favorite co-op game for some time now.
Rudolf Fischer 2014年6月4日下午2:44 
and how many player can play in coop-mode, Number13?
Spray & Pray 2014年6月12日下午1:48 
I set my coop server to max 12, I think that is the limit. Only had 12 in it once, it was madness.
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