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domkrats 2013年4月1日上午3:06
Adding game on steam
Hi! I have this game bought in 2010, and then i got serial number. Now i'd like to play this game through steam and maybe buy new DLC for it, but i can't find any way i could add my game to steam, without buying it again.. Is there any way i can do that, couse i don't want to pay again for this game... :/
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Liro Raeriyo 2013年4月7日上午4:32 
cant you just put the serial number in when adding a game based on serial number?
dodge 2013年5月5日下午6:17 
speak to the people at isotx you may need to provide proof of purchuse and tell them you want to buy the dlc if you get it on steam.
They did it for me way back when they where handing out free copies because i had brought mine from d2d (now gamefly) and there was a patch not available from gamefly so they gave me a new key to redeem on steam.

isotx looks after its customers quite well but i cant say if you will get a steam key or not.
but its worth concidering
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