Iron Grip: Warlord
Mouse Controls Don't Work at all..........
Anyone else having this issue?

When I start a match my character is looking at the ground and the mouse is not doing anything. I can't look with the mouse. It will let me shoot and aim with the left and right buttons though.

Anyone have any suggestions on fixing this?

Also why in the world did they leave the mouse cursor out of the main menus? Have to use arrow keys and it is a pain.
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Näytetään 1-8 / 8 kommentista one else is having the issue where your character just looks down and you can't look anywhere with the mouse?
nsc 12. kesä, 2014 13.36 
I also have this problem
My issue with the mouse is that it works like crap in the game compared to outside of the game. Totally unresponsive inside the game and practically impossible to use. I gave up on it due to this.
Might have something to do with a controler being pluged in, no idea though.
Liro Raeriyo lähetti viestin:
Might have something to do with a controler being pluged in, no idea though.

I never had a controller plugged in when I had the issue. Havn't tried the game in a while, but don't remember any updates for it, so I'm sure this issue still exists.
Ax3 11. heinä, 2015 22.19 
Did you fix this problem?
NormireX 12. heinä, 2015 0.08 
Ax3 lähetti viestin:
Did you fix this problem?
I uninstalled the game and have not re-installed it to try again. No comments or updates from the devs at all, I would say the issue still exists.
Ax3 12. heinä, 2015 8.56 
GREAT....waste of money................
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