Stexred 2012年11月11日 15時12分
achievements please :)
add some achievements
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joker1000 2012年12月26日 14時56分 
Please :)
Dibzahab 2013年1月28日 13時01分 
That'd be awesome, but considering that the achievements in the new King's Bounty game are still very broken, I think it's pretty unlikely.
[TTT] Aufrichtigkeit 2013年2月2日 1時16分 
there's always hope

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ this game is great
lifebycolor 2013年3月25日 20時59分 
Anyone know how the AP records work. I can only see the top 10. I was hoping i could see where i rank.
Candesco 2013年5月4日 18時17分 
If you mean steam achievements: why? They have no use at all and are only some silly statistics. I rather see them vanish.
But if you mean the in-game achievements: they are already there. If you finish 10 battles without any unit loss, then you get the first medal, which gives you 200 leadership. 30 finished battles without loss gives 500 leadership and so on. There is also one called headhunter, which requires to beat bosses. Beat 10 and you start with +5 rage at a boss battle. And so are there more of them. Those achievements do have at least a purpose.
Flag 2013年6月23日 17時14分 
Like Candesco said: There's already a set of pseudo-achivements in game. :) And doing some of them, like the taking no losses actually takes some skill(and a bit of luck) to acomplish, especially on higher difficulty levels.
Stexred 2013年6月24日 14時12分 
so what if achievements are silly you dont like em that's ok!
but i like em ok?
BrandeX 2013年8月1日 18時01分 
Stexred の投稿を引用:
add some achievements
Who are you talking to exactly? We players can't add achievements. Try the developers forum instead.
Aliased 2014年11月1日 13時45分 
Achievements WOULD be nice, do the developers look in here?
BrandeX 2014年11月1日 19時23分 
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