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Pinchy 9 ago 2013, ore 16:03
Game is broken
Whenever I close it, I go to my library to see it's downloading something, don't know what, it also prevents any other games from launching.
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Pinchy 28 ago 2013, ore 23:54 
The AA guns are also too slow to shoot anything down.
Dirk Barnyard 6 set 2013, ore 11:52 
The game is uploading saves to Steam's cloud, you can disable it from the games list, right click->properties.
Planes are difficult to shoot down, just keep trying and it'll happen, they're like that one tank your artillery takes 20 shots to hit.
Pinchy 6 set 2013, ore 12:59 
Well it takes a very long time compared to anything else, to put it into perspective I can download Crusader Kings II which is 3 gig by the time it uploads my saves if I do a campaign in one sitting.

Also, I paly on hard, you only get two passes of the planes attacking the artilelry boat if you are lucky, it makes the game MUCH harder due to how bad they are.
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