[*VGS*] De_Ruyter 2013年6月23日下午1:57
it says that it aint no SDL file or something which made me unable to start the game
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╬ Wehrmacht ╬ 2013年8月22日下午12:17 
I have the same problem but with loading game. @/profiles/player/savegames5...
tihonov-1973 2014年9月23日上午7:34 
помогите решить проблему в игре
Not SDL fele(esdlreader.cpp.17)
>> main
rossmcb97 3月17日上午7:41 
what is this how do you get it away ?
margav1 4月14日上午8:27 
i `ve been having the same problem.. would appreciate a response.. after all we bought the game
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