Some Dude Jan 18 @ 12:44am
Squad firing problem.
So my squads dont fire properly, despite any fire modes, the leader of the squad is the only one who fires, the rest just stand still and get shot. But if i order them to attack someone they will all shoot. Is there any way to fix this because it's making missions increasingly harder when my men won't fire automatically, even when on open fire mode.
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I'm having the exact problem D:
Vulpes Astuta Mar 22 @ 6:21pm 
Don't seem to be having this problem, select the squad and reset RoE. Friendly AI will generally open fire much closer than enemy AI, they don't use max range on their weapons, only maybe half of that.
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Oh, that explains it. Thanks :)
(CYC) Pte.Christopher Jul 27 @ 6:50pm 
ammo helps
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