Back to the Future: Ep 1 - It's About Time
Should I buy this game?
Should I buy this game?
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Slenderman Jan 21 @ 5:19pm 
Yes If u like the movie get this game:3
Mantis Jan 22 @ 11:11am 
Of course!
jamyskis Jan 28 @ 8:51am 
Get it when it's cheap. It's a good story, wonderfully voice-acted, but it is also horrendously easy barring a couple of wholly illogical puzzles, as well as a bug that really annoyed me because it left me searching for a solution that didn't exist for weeks.

€25 is too steep for it, but I can certainly recommend picking it up in a sale.
tobko Jan 29 @ 10:11am 
Big-Al May 31 @ 8:34am 

This telltale series is great for any fan of the movie series simply because the story carries on so perfectly, On the downside it can be a little frustrating at times, which does add a certain nightmare feel.

Best picked up in a sale.
PlayaOfGames May 31 @ 10:48am 
yes get it has the orginals actors playing the voices and the writers who wrote the movies and its so dam good it can seriously be considered a 4 back to the future movie it toook me 10 to 12 hours to beat this games cuz every epsode is 2 to 3 hourrs each it varys but for 5 bucks its worth it
carolalugn Jun 24 @ 10:57am 
Yes Telltale never lets you down. ;)
darthcuda Jul 19 @ 4:27pm 
Warflagon Aug 8 @ 2:13pm 
I bought it cheap, wish I had bought a burger instead. Looks and sounds great, but if there is a game to this, I never saw it. Got tired of too much dialouge/scenes before my task was to walk over to truck or find a 10 year old self would have returned this to the video rental store within a few hours....20 years ago.

Looks great, but fails as a game, imo.
skru_loose Aug 11 @ 12:07am 
Being a child of classic adventure gaming, I'd peg it as more of an interactive story -- there are some pretty siginificant sections thoughout the episodes that are mostly dialogue. It didn't feel to me like it was as puzzle-dense as a more standard adventure game and most of the puzzles are fairly simple, but, as others have pointed out, some of the puzzles that aren't simple are difficult only because they're illogical (even when compared to the illogical puzzles from the golden age of adventure gaming). My playthrough clocked in similarly to others at 2-3 hours/episode. Expect 10-15 hours for the whole thing.

The original writer was involved in the series as an advisor, and the TTG designers clearly pulled visually and textually from the movies, so it does feel as near to a movie sequel as we're likely to get. There are many callbacks to the original movies throughout the episodes, and a few of the original actors do reprise their characters (notably Christoper Lloyd as the adult Doc Brown). Michael J. Fox was unavailable/unable to work on the majority of the project, but the guy they got hit pretty close to home as a replacement Marty, and Fox does have a part in the final episode.

If you enjoyed the movies and are ok with the pros and cons of the specific adventure game format TTG adopted for this specific series, you would probably find this a worthwhile purchase.
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