[TFTRG]Dingus Mar 22 @ 1:24pm
Help, promo items are not appearing!
The promo items for TF2 that I obtained in the game were the Lugarmorph, The Glasses, and Heavy's Minigun, I obtained these items while my account was offline from internet bills, what should I do to get the items in TF2? I checked Poker Night but now I've lost all my progess, and items!
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Sir Epic Apr 19 @ 11:43am 
you will see the triangle thingy it has a ! in it then click it view your new items then there they are
[TFTRG]Dingus Apr 21 @ 2:47pm 
I've replayed the game to get all the items back, so I'm closing this discussion, btw I know where to look at my unlocks they just disapeared when my Steam account went back online.
[TFTRG]Dingus Apr 21 @ 2:48pm 
If I can figure out how to close a diccussion lol.
Sir Epic Apr 22 @ 6:50pm 
to get them back go to pni then beat all 4 people when they have their items
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