Kolano 2013年5月30日 20時14分
Crash on Startup
I'm unable to start the game, it immediately crashes on startup.

302, 303, 305 start up normally, but 301 and 304 both immediately crash.

Windows 7 x64
nVidia GeForce 580
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Piasecznik 2013年5月31日 13時57分 
KingStevo69 2013年5月31日 22時22分 
i got the same problem aswel
Kolano 2013年5月31日 23時31分 
See this...

Likely due to running multiple monitors.
Łцсїап º¹ 2013年6月1日 0時39分 
They all crash for me. Funny thing is every other Telltale game works fine, from S&M season 1 though to TWD.
JagPaw 2013年6月1日 9時44分 
multiple monitors?! damn, lets see if this guy is right...
JagPaw 2013年6月1日 9時45分 
OK, yes, unplugging my extra monitor fixed it. That's lame but at least I can play now!
drongo 2013年6月1日 11時29分 
thanks for the tipp. when in the game, you can switch to window-mode. then it works with second monitor active.
Scar107 2013年6月1日 14時26分 
So not worth playing on my smaller screen. My second moniter is my TV.
Kolano 2013年6月1日 19時40分 
You can play on whatever screen you'd like. You just need to disable whatever other device is connected. Such is easily accomplished via the Display/Screen Resolution control panels.
Coda 2013年6月6日 22時19分 
Um... let's roll out a bug fix for this, Telltale. That's a rookie mistake.
narrowsoul 2013年6月13日 11時15分 
This problem also came up for me, but because I had a 360 controller plugged in. Unplugged it and the game started up fine.
Hero_Crellos 2013年6月27日 3時24分 
fixed when i disable the other monitor
ϟ Ericz 2013年6月28日 10時58分 
Hate these lame things... I'm not supposing to disable anything.
Well, at least there are an easy "solution". Thanks for that.
Cid 2013年11月6日 5時57分 
lol... ok... that was easy (can't believe I was waiting all the time for a bug fix -.-' )
(did this on Windows 7!)

make a screenshot - because all your stuff will be moved to your primary monitor ;)

right click in the desktop
"monitor settings" (had to translate it, last but two entry/third entry from the bottom up)
disable the second monitor by changing the last drop down from "extend" to "only use screen X
(do not close the window yet - you want to switch back to two screens!)

start each part of the game (one by one) and do this:
click options
click the arrow on the right
full screen off
resolution to whatever you like (has to be smaller than the resolution windows uses) (+apply)
exit the game

reenable the second screen
and move all your icons back to their old position

+ two screens
+ game will not crash
- window instead of fullscreen (smaller than it could be and you see the desktop)

(Telltale should start thinking about windowed fullscreen - quite cool for e.g. MMORPGs when you can manage your TS / read instant messages/browser stuff/watch temperature/speed/... of your PCs components... on your second screen - without minimizing the game/the game being minimized when the game loses the focus)
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