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DoD Singleplayer/Campaign
Ok guys, hear me out, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to suggest this, but I'll reinforce it no less.

Day of Defeat, and DoD Source. Great games, good fun if you find the right server. But, for that poor guy who can't find a good server, and really wants something to do, normally you would turn towards single-player bot matches or campaign. But, for some reason, Valve didn't make one. Now, I'm sure I'll get bull on how they don't have all the time in the world, and they have other projects to do (Hopefully HL3) which i can understand.


Did they not make one of the most amazing campaign storylines through the Half Life series. Did they not make us love and hate GLaDoS? Didn't we all learn that the cake is a lie?
Yes, yes we did. Because Valve is damn good at story lines.

I think i'm not the only one out there who believes if Valve put their mind to it, they could make a very emotional/gripping campaign based in this world's greatest conflict. I'm positive that Valve could make you come pretty damn close to tears every time a platoon member died, or get mad every time something didn't go the right way for your squad.

SO please, Valve, take this oppurtunity to make a campaign for Day of Defeat. Make it interesting, make it worth wanting to pursue.

And, I think I can safely say Valve does have the potential to surpass the greats if they really tried. We all loved Medal of Honor Frontline, and let's not forget before CoD became what it is, it was a really great series of WW2 games.

I'm The Incredulous Mr. Bill, and if you read through this entire post, well, damn you are patient. But i thank you none the less.

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Don Gabhana Jan 8, 2014 @ 10:55pm 
I would buy it!
Singleplayer... Sounds Good
Dimitri Jul 12 @ 7:11pm 
That would be awesome! Especially because I think that an asset that Valve is missing is more story based videogames, rather than just the Half-life series, and technecally Portal. But, with Valve being Valve, I guess that they just don't want to deliver something like that.
How to you add campaign idiot ? This isn't new idea -_-
Let's explore America again !
Valve doesn't make games anymore..IT MAKE MONEY!
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