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Guias Integrados  Guias que foram especialmente integrados com o Day of Defeat
Guias do Steam Populares Guias escritos, referências e tutoriais
Passage of game Day of Defeat
por Deathstroke
This passage of game Day of Defeat. I have made it itself. You can look at game video passage. I will show this game from the beginning to the end. Day of Defeat is a multiplayer shooter that simulates squad-level infantry combat between the advers...
Day of Defeat Clan Match Mode Commands List
por Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail all of the Day of Defeat console commands and server configuration file settings that are useful for "Clan Match" mode games....
Day Of Defeat: All classes and weapons
por John Spaztic
A summary of all of the DoD factions, classes, weapons and equipment...
The Day of Defeat Wave Reinforcement System and Respawn Timer: Explained
por Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail Day of Defeat's "Wave Reinforcement System", and how the game's respawn timer functions....
Etiquette of a 12 man
por Tigers Jaw
Just some basic unwritten rules of participating in a Day of Defeat Competitive 12 man....
Capturing 3rd flag avalanche
por Arizage
Guide for capturing 3rd flag of avalanche....
How to Create Local Game Server
por - (GFL) Hattrick HttrckCldHKS -
Creating Create a directory named addons into C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod . Create a directory named metamod into C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\dod\addons ....
Map-Making Basics
por HoLyCoW
Videos that were created by "RJ" that show the basics of creating a map for Day of Defeat using Hammer 3.4/3.5. As far as I know, these videos are now public domain. Please correct me if I am wrong....