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Day Of Defeat: All classes and weapons
by John Spaztic
A summary of all of the DoD factions, classes, weapons and equipment...
Passage of game Day of Defeat
by Deathstroke
This passage of game Day of Defeat. I have made it itself. You can look at game video passage. I will show this game from the beginning to the end. Day of Defeat is a multiplayer shooter that simulates squad-level infantry combat between the advers...
Day of Defeat Clan Match Mode Commands List
by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail all of the Day of Defeat console commands and server configuration file settings that are useful for "Clan Match" mode games....
Etiquette of a 12 man
by Tigers Jaw
Just some basic unwritten rules of participating in a Day of Defeat Competitive 12 man....
Capturing 3rd flag avalanche
by Tritium
Guide for capturing 3rd flag of avalanche....
The Day of Defeat Wave Reinforcement System and Respawn Timer: Explained
by Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel
This guide explains in detail Day of Defeat's "Wave Reinforcement System", and how the game's respawn timer functions....
Fps / lag spikes
by -LiveWire-
Fixes for lag and fps spikes in day of defeat...
Map-Making Basics
by =NITE= HoLyCoW
Videos that were created by "RJ" that show the basics of creating a map for Day of Defeat using Hammer 3.4/3.5. As far as I know, these videos are now public domain. Please correct me if I am wrong....
Fixing screen size issues
by -LiveWire-
If you set the wrong screen size in DOD its often impossible to see the menu to change it back. This guide shows you how to get you menu back on screen, once the menu is back you will need to edit your graphics settings and clear the startup settings....
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