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lord of shadow 2013年7月6日下午6:05
my dod is not working
My dod and half life are not working when I turn the screen black I wanted a help
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Zyras 2013年7月12日下午1:10 
i get client.dll problem
serfreeman1337 2013年7月12日下午9:41 
Zyres, was is das? You getting "Your client.dll is differs from the server" error?
If its couldnt load client.dll error you need just verify game cache. Im dont know wtf is going with steampipe, but its deletes all .dll files after last update xD
Zyras 2013年7月13日上午4:29 
I found a raoundabout fix in the end, after 2 more problems i wont bore you all with.

Wish they would just leave it alone.
HAWKEYE 2013年7月17日下午1:37 
I have this problem...
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