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Sgt.Almighty 2013년 7월 2일 오전 6시 14분
Player Ip address
Say you have a player on a server that no admins on at the time but will be on later in the day and a player is TKing and in all just being an A__hole how do you find his IP address
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{KHH}Yes Sir 2013년 7월 2일 오후 5시 38분 
Go into the conso land type status and it will bring up a list of players and their IP address who are playing in the game. Copy their IP and paste it to where you keep notes or email.
{KHH}Yes Sir님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 7월 2일 오후 5시 39분
Sgt.Almighty 2013년 7월 3일 오전 10시 08분 
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