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NaH^ aKa KaRaKaN c^n Merc! 2013年4月14日 8時20分
Ingame I have Fps Drop Down , this happens when pple shooting or when nades exploding , my fps goes from 100 to 40/50 . Also in game i have lag moments flickering screen for 1 sec . Tried many things but can't fix it , so if u guys can help me out or any one have idea's or same issue will be helpfull.
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Professor Bill 2013年7月15日 18時45分 
It's probably because your integrated graphics can't handle OpenGL, for some reason or another.

It's happening to me too. It blows.
NaH^ aKa KaRaKaN c^n Merc! 2013年9月14日 3時14分 
cl_dynamiclights 0

It stopped shacking , lagging etc..
serfreeman1337 2013年9月19日 19時40分 
gl_vsync 0

try to off VSync
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