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Jay  [developer] Oct 8, 2015 @ 11:27am
[READ BEFORE POSTING] How to Report & Contact Us
Hello, guys!

We're always working to improve Ballistic Overkill, and we need your help for that! So if you find any bugs, things not working properly and experience issues like crashes, please read the guidelines below to proper report them to us. Remember to read this FAQ thread for common issues, you might be able to fix your problems before even contacting us:

To proper report a bug:

  • Create a thread in this section with a clear title;
  • Describe the bug (what was supposed to happen and what is actually happening?);
  • Teach us how do you reproduce this bug if possible;
  • Videos and screenshots are welcome to help you describe the bug;
  • Ideally, one bug per thread, please!

In case you're having technical issues, please send us your logs:

You can send your logs + detailed information to our support e-mail:

Unity log: Right click Ballistic Overkill on your library > properties > local files > browse local files... > in this new window, open the BallisticOverkill_Data folder > find the 'output_log' file and send it to us!

IMPORTANT: Right after the bug/crash/issue happened, close the game and save the output_log somewhere in your computer to send us. If you close and reopen the game, this file will be replaced.

DirectX log: Press windows key + R and type dxdiag > press enter > press yes > click on save information > choose a place to save it and send it to us!

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