Evolution RTS

Evolution RTS

"Could not resolve host: No such host is known" help?
This won't stop popping up and im unable to play multiplayer. This has been happening since last winter when I first installed this game.
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NaCl - Master of Salt  [developer] Aug 18 @ 5:43pm 
Oh? That's a new one. I this when you try to launch the lobby, or is this when you try to start a battle?

Are you using a VPN?

Can you join discord: https://discord.me/evolutionrts and @forbodingangel so that I can have you try various things?
This has been happening for months now, it happens as soon as I try to connect to the game. No, my parents currently don't allow me to use discord.
NaCl - Master of Salt  [developer] Nov 12 @ 6:06pm 
Sorry for the delay in answering this. Steam doesn't notify me of posts on this board anymore, which means that unless I specifically check it I never know.

Anyway, this is likely the result of a dns error between you and the spring server.

You didn't answer whether you are using a vpn. If so, vpns aren't allowed (for obvious reasons). If not, I suggest that you set your computer to use google's public dns: and

Finally; I think the past, but I have moved on from Evolution: RTS.
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