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Some maps "PrincessHost * Could not find matching map..."
I am in the settings for starting a battle game and with some maps it works fine but with some maps it shows this error when I select them.

PrincessHost * Could not find matching map for "SmallSupBF2 SeaEdit 0.3 WIP" in current map list

I'm using linux mint, how can I get these maps to work?
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I belive PrincessHost is for Balanced Annihilation which is not a game we currently host servers for. This could just be an error but if you do want to have this error fixed on our servers, all you do is type
!maplist all
in the chat on the bottom right hand side. This should allow you to choose any and all maps that are currently available from the server instead of just the "popular" map list. Hopefully this helps you out! If this problem persists, I can join you one day and help you fix it up.
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Scottie Pippen  [developer] Apr 19 @ 2:36am 
Princess Host is Balanced Annihilation, not Evolution RTS.
Ok thanks, should I post on another forum?
This is fine though, dont worry. Just preferably try to keep your problems related to Evolution RTS next time. Also, did the command work out for you like you were needing? If you have anymore problems, feel free to post them here and we will try to help you out!
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Ok thanks, I'll look for the right forum for that game.
That game isnt on any forums (on steam) though I can help you out through here.
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Scottie Pippen  [developer] Apr 19 @ 2:23pm 
The BA forums are here: https://springrts.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=44

Please discuss it there. Dansan runs that server and he doesn't visit these forums, but he does monitor the BA forums.

BA discord is here: https://discord.gg/J37dJmy
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