stensvold79 Jul 7 @ 11:15am
Under barrel shotgun
why it is not possible to load the underbarrel shotgun? any tips?
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=SEALZ= MasterCheeze Aug 3 @ 12:34am 
the masterkey? yes, I would like an answer to that as well.
Desert Ranger Aug 4 @ 7:35am 
Because of cyrillic letters in english localization files, thats why. It seems this version is very bugged.
All you need is to search cyrillic letters like "мм" and change them to english "mm" in ADDONINFO (and maybe other files too)
For example:
"40 мм" -> "40 mm"
"40 мм (рус.)" -> "40 mm (RUS)
"12 калибр" -> "12 caliber"
"40 мм (РПГ-7)" -> "40 mm (RPG-7)
"СВ98" -> "SV98"

I don't know if there is something else to fix, but I have some words for publisher: "Very impressive work, really!" (sarcasm).

You can try to turn in BSM and Unofficial Patch, but I don't really know if authors of this mod fixed this issues.

P.S. Checked on retail digital version build 286 and it works fine with this fixes.
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=SEALZ= MasterCheeze Aug 4 @ 3:29pm 
well. the unoffical patch fixed it. also does not crash as much. the patch can be found at patches scrolls. would be nice if 1C would throw a little support for their games. I mean the games they make have a great deal of complexity and I like that but support after they get their money seems a bit lacking. So I like 1C but I dont is some respects.
stensvold79 Aug 8 @ 7:06am 
Thx! Downloaded a Unofficial 1.06 Patch and it work fine now :)
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