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OfGloriousLife 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 9:31
Main menu disappeared...
So, uh, that holographic menu in the middle of the cockpit that's reponsible for...well, everything -- it just vanished. It won't appear at all.

Tried reloading the game but nothing happened. It seems I'm stuck doing the rest of the campaign without that menu...or load a really, really old save.

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War Bastard 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 9:33 
Press . or , to go to the animation of bringing it up. Press escape. Select crew so you leave the cockpit. Re enter the cockpit. This should work
Sgt. WetBottom 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 9:37 
This sometimes happens. Enter the crew and re enter the cockpit or just save (in a new place do not overwrite your "good" save) and reload the game. works for me.
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