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Varbe 2013年11月15日 12時36分
Deliver 100 E-Cell / Energy Cell mission bypass *SAVE FILE* (PLEASE PIN THIS)
It seems that a lot of people are having issues with the 100 e-cell mission so i decided post this here. Hopefully someone will pin this.

I've already pasted this to a few places. Please spread it to help people. I have a save that is right at the end of the quest. The ship is just docking and delivering the e-cells. You just need to put it into.
C:\Users\(user)\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth\(and find the save folder with quicksave from here)

When you load this save remember to just patiently wait for the ship to dock and deliver the e-cells. It's right there and it wont take long.

You should probably back up your old quicksave just in case.

Here is the link.
Here is another link to the save incase filedropper goes down https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3963769/x-rebug/quicksave.xml

It's been confirmed to work. Hopefully people will be able to play and enjoy the game with this. It's actually pretty neat when you get into it :)
最近の変更はVarbeが行いました; 2013年11月15日 12時39分
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Koranis 2013年11月15日 12時42分 
Thank you for that.
Rafiki 2013年11月15日 12時45分 
Downloaded from the first link, worked first time. Thank you sir :)
Varbe 2013年11月15日 12時47分 
Absolutely no problem. Lets try keep this somewhere in the top so that everyone in need can get help.
Rafiki 2013年11月15日 12時59分 
Yeah this should be a big help to alot of people
Thomas 2013年11月15日 13時14分 
Varbe 2013年11月15日 13時56分 
Remember to shutdown steam cloud sync so that the savefile wont get overwritten. Also bump this if you can, there is still a lot of people with this problem out here.
k2dart 2013年11月15日 13時57分 
Works! You Saved my Day!! ;) The Plot is getting interesting so far
Squashie 2013年11月15日 14時03分 
So is this a bug?
Squashie 2013年11月15日 14時06分 
how d oi download this file?
It wants me to download the file dropper thingy
I restart the campaign and unstuck my freighter but i see some scary things.

The freighter just go througth the giant mining station instead of docking. Litteraly pass in like there is nothing Oo

And juste after sell the E-Cell. WTF
kaash386 2013年11月15日 14時10分 
I didn't have any problems with this missions, just had to wait 30mins for the slow♥♥♥♥♥♥cargo ship to crawl its way to the shop to deliver the 100units
Man, you are a life saver. I just spent an hour watching my trade ship do the buying and selling (I forgot to save between the two). It successfully sold, and then crashes while my copilot is talking about contacting the station. I almost cried. This at least saved me another hour watching the trade ship do its thing (I found trying to do anything else, like doing that passenger mission, at the same time breaks it)
Thank you for this :)
Varbe 2013年11月15日 23時18分 
Bumping this since i can see a lot of people with the problem in the top.
Good stuff, thanks!
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