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Aki-Senpai 2013年11月15日上午4:37
Fix that stopped my crashing at 100%
1) Right click your audio icon in the system tray and select 'Playback Devices'.
2) Highlight your default playback device.
3) Click the 'Properties' button.
4) Click the 'Advanced' tab.
5) Under the 'Default Format' drop down menu, choose 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality).
6) Click OK.
7) Run the game.
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Arsaneus 2013年11月15日上午4:40 
Are you by any chance using a Realtek Audio chip?

worked, thx im using dedicated soundcard
Lumos 2013年11月15日上午4:41 
Fixed it for me, endless thanks for fixing my friday, Mr. Dan.
Vythica 2013年11月15日上午4:42 
Fixed for me
Lazor50 2013年11月15日上午4:43 
引用自 Arsaneus
Are you by any chance using a Realtek Audio chip?

I am, I guess that's the problem there is.
Barrial 2013年11月15日上午4:43 
Fixed my problem!! Thanks a lot!! You da man! :D
emanueal90 2013年11月15日上午4:43 
Mr. Dan Fox! Your fix worked for me also, Good looking out.Thank You
Damo 2013年11月15日上午4:44 
Confirmed this works, there was another game that had this issue also I cant remember the name, good job man, thanks.
BangdUrMom420Yolo 2013年11月15日上午4:44 
worked for me, and i am using a realtek. thanks for the fix and i hope his find helps the devs!
Damo 2013年11月15日上午4:44 
of course alt-tabbing out of the goddamn game to post that and say thanks crashed it... ffs egosoft.... you suck so much..
Telstar 2013年11月15日上午4:45 
Taking it down from my original setting of 24 bit, 192000 Hz to 24 bit, 48000 Hz worked as well. I'm going to incrementally go up from there, see if the freezing/crash starts again.
Gen. Austere 2013年11月15日上午4:45 
Fixed for me, thank you very much!
Rabbit 2013年11月15日上午4:45 
Langor 2013年11月15日上午4:46 
Arsaneus 2013年11月15日上午4:46 
We're on it and fix it as soon as we can. Meanwhile, please follow the steps mentioned in the starting post.

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