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Flashpan Apr 19 @ 3:57am
Mouse issues :/
I want to like this game and keep having a go after every major patch. But it seems that even the fundamental things are broken. In my case the mouse keeps flickering or disapearing, resulting in a game that I cannot control.

I'm guessing this is something to do with having a joystick plugged in? But I was under the impression that the controls had been fixed for this patch?

It's a shame as I really want to imerse myself in this game, but I can't interact with it in any meaningful way :/
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ronniejw2002 Apr 19 @ 4:34am 
I had this same problem but when I calibrated my joystick, to try to correct a problem that is preventing me from playing XR with it, the issue with the mouse went away.

So now I have a mouse that works but a joystick that doesn’t because the control for adjusting the dead zone and joystick sensitivity don’t work with my joystick for some reason. My dead zone is almost an inch which causes me to constantly over compensate.

It’s very frustrating especially considering how well my joystick works with X3.
ronniejw2002 Apr 19 @ 4:38am 
If you have Windows 7 you can follow the instructions here to calibrate your joystick:

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