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Spiegel Oct 2, 2013 @ 8:27am
[TOTAL NEWBIE] ~ Looking for advices and step by step startups.
First of all, I wanna know if playing the first episodes of the series is worth my time or if I should actually go straight for the third chapter.

I do like "X-Tension", despite the few 10 minutes experiments I've made didnt bring me anywhere too far, but just the fact I cant map keys freely is a bit frustrating.

If so, if you think I should give "X-Tension" and "X: Beyond the frontier" their time, how the freak am I supposed to start my adventure!?
I've read many hurried pseudo-tutorials that tell me to sell my first ship and buy a carrier (done) so that I can start trading energy cells.
Ok, so, I've sold my ship and bought the carrier. What, where and how, now!? Maybe I somehow skipped a useful tutorial for beginners? All I see is a cockpit and few space stations around me.

Also, I'd like some more in-depth tut's about selling my ship and its equipment separately to earn more money.
And what equipment should I buy back for my new ship?
And once I'm out of the shipyard, where should I go?
I got a mission from a character in a space station (cant remember which one) to bring him to some place outside the current system, but I cant understand if he's already onboard or I have to do something to start the mission properly; and how may I move to the place where he wants me to bring him?

I hate those games that take your hand like a baby to lead you ahead step by step, but I have to say it: this game totally lacks a tutorial because it's not intuitive at all.

Thanks for any help. ^^