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oilychoi Oct 15, 2013 @ 1:39pm
New in this game
I am totally new to this game, so how do I start? Now, i know how to control the ship to go places, that's pretty much is..
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HeadshotSpy Nov 19, 2013 @ 5:20pm 
---The X-series is generally the most confusing games to ever start with, but it eventually makes sense with patience. The learning curve plus the lack of instructions makes it very hard to ever understand the concept of this game. What you are playing is the 2nd version of the X-series, so to understand this more, I'd suggest you play X- Beyond the Frontier first. Old, but it'll tell you the basics of this series. Audio can be a problem without subtitles, so it may be hard to decipher what people are saying.

---The general story of the first game is that you are in the future, where intergalactic travel dominates the universe, and eventually came "Jump Gates", devices that allowed ships to travel at the speed of light to other Jump Gates of different universes, but war broke out by man-made robots, and Earth became isolated. You travel as Kyle Brennan, who tries out a ship that is capable of jumping to other Jump Gates without need of using one at start. But something goes wrong, and you travel into a weird universe. You end up jumping to a universe, in which someone saves you from blowing up. You are in the space of a race called Teladi, one of the four friendly races you will encounter in this X-Universe. There you are told to go to another race called the Argon to find out what to do.

---After that, its hard to control what to do, but the first general thing is to look for a station that looks like a cylinder torch. When you target it, it should be a Solar Power Plant. Click C to talk to the guy and ask for permission to dock. Then you'll see green lights leading towards a door. Without crashing, head inside it with your speed adjusted below the green line on your ship's speed monitor. Congratulations, you have successfully docked.
Now, a cutscene will occur, and a different monitor will appear with stocks. The top, with energy cells, is what the station sells. On the bottom, with resources and salvage insurance is what the station buys from you. Salvage insurance is vital, as it is basically a save point for your game. Lets look at the price of energy cells. The currency is credits, and so each cell should be about 10-28 cr. You are looking for the lowest price, and so if its not low, just wait, or look for another power plant. If the price is reasonable, buy as much as you can. Remember that price, and leave the station by clicking ESC.

---You have energy cells to sell, and so wander around stations until you can find a station that will buy higher than how much was sold to you. This in return will give you profit, Congrats. Now, you can continue repeating the process, or try out a variety of goods to sell, just remember that the lowest price comes when stocks are high, so look for a long bar beside the price. Once you get to about 900 cr. travel to the station that is constantly circling. Dock it, but beware of its constant motion. After docking, buy the Singularity Engine Time Accelerator and the Tactical Navigation system. By pressing J, you can use the SETA to speed up time by 10x, and by pressing N, you can view a map of the whole sector in 2D. Then, when you are familiar, travel to other sectors, by using Jump Gates, which are indicated with N S W or E on your map. Just travel through the ring, and you are in another sector. Don't worry, every one of them are linked to each other, and so will take you to the place back and forth.

---Other than that, you are on your own. Search up strategies on fighting, or perhaps marketing, and if you get lost, just use this site http://www.hadez.org/projects/game_mods/x-btf/strategic_resources/
I hope this will help, and sorry for the long essay of mine. This is how confusing it can get. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the game, and have fun!
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Unflyed_Cosmonaut Jan 11, 2014 @ 8:26am 
Or in the beginnig you can sold default buster and buy lifter. Then stard trade.
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