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skopc Oct 30, 2013 @ 10:50pm
About money in this game
How can I make money faster in this game.....which way is the fastest,who knows~I trade,rob the pirate's ship and sold it.but still slow....
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HeadshotSpy Nov 19, 2013 @ 4:49pm 
It pretty much varies upon what you do. BUT, if you want to get money like literally fast, try this fancy glitch.
Head to Argon Prime, and to the shipyard. Eject out of your ship near it and head into the station. Once there, tell your ship to dock. Then, head to the actual store and scroll to Argon Lifter S.
Tell the game that you are about to buy that ship, but do not actually buy the ship. Wait for "your" ship, and once it docks, everything will move down one place, except for your highlighter. This in effect, will allow you to buy an Argon Mammoth without paying the actual amount. Click Enter to get your Mammoth.
You'll realise that in the process, it used up all your money, so sell your mammoth, and set up any station nearby to stash your money. Repeat the process and you should have a lot in no time. Although not the proper way to do things, it is worth using if you ever run out of money.
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