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Refactored Games  [developer] Mar 30, 2014 @ 4:10am
Open Testing - Test Branch
What is the Test branch:
Unclaimed World exists in 2 different "branches": The ordinary game, which ideally should be quite stable, and a Test branch where we test out the new features before they go in the ordinary branch. The Test version is more prone to crashes and has interesting new bugs.

How do I play the Test branch:
Find Unclaimed World in your game library to the left, right-click and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. From the window that appears, select the BETA tab and select beta from the menu.
From now on, you will get the recent beta versions until you opt out by going back and selecting "NONE"

Follow this link for an instructions screenshot:

How do I report bugs and crashes in the Test branch:
We have a separate sub forum called Test Branch: Bug Reports where you should post these bugs:

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Northward Bound Aug 23, 2014 @ 9:48pm 
A quick link to the Test Branch: Bug Reports forum would be a good idea
Refactored Games  [developer] Sep 4, 2014 @ 6:53am 
Alright, I added that link in the bottom of the post now (the link can also be found in the menu to the right).
kawbentley Apr 21 @ 8:01am 
Is there a beta code we can get to access "secret" beta content?
kubluu  [developer] Apr 23 @ 2:42pm 
Originally posted by kawbentley:
Is there a beta code we can get to access "secret" beta content?
Not sure what you mean.. There is no secret content, and no code...
However, it has been a long while since we last released a version on the test branch. So the two versions have been the same for a while.
Hi there. I haven't bought the game yet because of only one reason: the mixed reviews on store page. Most of them claim that the game seems abandoned. Checking the news/blog part of the game official site, last update was Nov 26, 2014 - is this correct?

I see around the discussions a couple posts now in April, but not a lot of them. If the devs could send a word on how dev/early access to new builds is going, I'd be very pleased =) Thanks for the attention, and from videos and screenshots, the game looks awesome!
Refactored Games  [developer] Apr 27 @ 7:21am 

The game is far from abandoned, as you can see right after you posted this, we have deployed a big update:

At the moment we are 5 people on the team so there's plenty of stuff coming. At the moment we put more time into development than PR/community, we've also chosen to give this latest update a longer dev cycle (2 months) than the usual 10-14 days. This allows us to put more time into develoment work, because the more frequently we deploy, the more time we have to spend on testing, comparatively. But we try to keep the community posted on everything we work on.

About the "official" website: Yes, it looks a bit abandoned, and there have been many updates to the game since then (as you can see from the announcements here on Steam) so it's simply because it takes work to maintain a presence on both Steam and our own website, and most people go directly to the Steam store for questions and info...but we should probably get better at maintaining our own website to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the kind words and hope you will like the game.
I'm sorry if I sounded harsh saying that the game seemed abandoned! I'm rushing on that link to read more on that big update! =) and thanks a lot for the reply! Really gladens me to see when devs, be they big or small, keep in touch with people interested on their work - no matter if they're already part of the community or still thinking about jumping on that train!

I'm used to being beta tester way before the rise of kickstarter, so longer cycles are no surprise - and most of them are really welcomed by me, as they usually translate in better bug squashing and new features =)

About the site being a bit abandoned, you guys should consider asking for the help of the community themselves! Kinda like moderators in forums, you know?

My interest on the game spiked even more with your reply! I doubt it'll take long for it to sweep me away XD
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