Mighty Mutilator Aug 26 @ 7:06pm
A Few Quick Questions
1. Hi, when playing as Finland recently in the 1939 campaign on normal difficulty, the USSR declared war on the 3rd or 4th turn as I expected they would; a war I was supposed to lose 3 turns later, as the AI do. I was still 'fighting' that war 50 turns later (USSR lost all land in the north to me and all land in the south to Germany except a couple of cities so still alive) but I was not allied with Germany like what would normally happen on turn 20 or something. Couldn't see what was happening in the world (no shared LOS), couldn't move through Axis land to participate and finished the game 6th 15 boring turns later (what else was there to do?). Does anyone else know what happens in terms of alliances if still at war?
2. Does anyone know about AI research? When playing as Romania even after taking Belgrade, Odessa, and Sevastopol (1939 campaign) can still not even keep up with normal AI when they do nothing. Is there something obvious I have missed? If there is, could someone please let me know?
3. Is there a guide or something I could look at for info on how naval units work? The tutorial wasn't very informative, which is annoying when trying to play as Great Britain or Italy. If there is something, could someone please kindly point it out?

Thanks. Any help would be much appreciated.