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Attackelf Dec 8, 2016 @ 11:52am
Your favorite civilization design?
What are your favorite combos for civilizations?

Right now one of my personal favorites is:

+ Mechanoid base
+ Fling (or Slipstream)
+ Theocracy
+ Frugal
+ Nimble
- Poor

Not finding the first 3 minutes of income loss to be that devastating. By contrast, being able to get FTL is important for Slipstream (or else you are stuck for a bit), so I opted for Theocracy.

Frugal + Mechanoid is a good combo, since it means that you can upgrade your planets to the next level with a lot more ease, and mechanoid itself seems to be powerful.

Nimble gives you the option to choose between a faster ship (especially important away from Fling beacons) or a bit less engine and a bit more armor/weapons/everything else, while keeping the same speed.

Some that I want to try:
Fling + Linked (send mainframes to the enemy, althoug they will probably focus fire on them; could tractor them I guess)

Extragalactic + Hyperdrive/Fling/Slipstream

What are your favorite combinations?
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Dalo Lorn Dec 9, 2016 @ 2:05am 
Uhh, Alar's upload and my own are currently identical aside from Workshop metadata. They're both 'Rising Stars' - the current version is called 'The Glory of War', it has nothing to do with the migration. (The migration's happening because Alar's version isn't expected to get any more updates, so it's going to become obsolete.)
Attackelf Dec 14, 2016 @ 10:16am 
Just wondering then, what mod should be installed? Rising Stars, Glory of War, or MIcrgration?
Dalo Lorn Dec 14, 2016 @ 1:20pm 
Like I said, they're both 'The Glory of War', and they're both 'Rising Stars' - but the migrating one is the one that's going to receive updates in the future.
Attackelf Dec 14, 2016 @ 3:43pm 
I've subscribed to this one then:

For now .... I assume this one will get updates then?
Dalo Lorn Dec 15, 2016 @ 2:56am 
Originally posted by Attackelf:
I've subscribed to this one then:

For now .... I assume this one will get updates then?

Yep, that's the one.

Originally posted by ColSaid:
Hi, sorry for the interuption, but I'm following this too. MIGRATION is the one that i have switch to, because its the one that will recive the up-dates.
Any idear as to when, and anything new ?

The 'when' is still unknown. The 'what' is also unknown, but definitely includes a few Technocracy fixes and the Progenitor lifestyle.
Heh. My favorite is:
+Ancient Workshop

Devout give free shields for ships and +1 max population per planet level. More peoples - more money. Even lvl 1 planet with Megafarm and Hydrogenerator have positive money income. If we will upgrade homeworld for lvl 5, we will upkeep 500 peoples with altar. Enought to forgot about altars forever :)

Capitalism for Materialism Attitude. Don't like Generosity, its for diplomats. "We are warriors, not merchants."

Ancient workshops for Solar Engines. More energy - more artefacts, More artefatcts, more planets, solar systems and floating continents.

Animated for taking second attitude at start.

Nimble to faster ships.

Frugal for upgade planets.

Sublight...Yes, We are slow, but with tonns of money, fast start colonisation, good research income (i build research labs at lvl 2-3 planets, i have enought money and income for it). "Hippo bad spots, but it's not his problem" :)

P.S. Sorry for my English ;)
Has to be:
Jump Drives
Either Empire or Communisms for vanilla goverments
Astral Mar 16 @ 7:24pm 
Mechanoid (Free labor on any planet, can terraform food/water planets and never have to build megafarms/hydrogenators, bit micromanagey for population especially in larger games and slow to start, but makes up for it to an with less planet micromanagement)
FTL: Gates (Labor and FTL cost reduction on any linked systems means it's equivalent to building wherever you base your homeworld, also instant defense network)
+Innovative (I hate waiting for unlocks)
-Paranoid (Usually you get enough influence generation to offset this)
+Frugal (One less planet for levelling Mechanoid worlds, or three for normal races [-1 food, water, level 1 resource])
Alternate: Ancient Workshop (Early Solar Generators can mean lots of energy income, and easily level a Reverant attitude)

Government: Theocracy vanilla (Starting scouts and instant 250 FTL can give a boost on those first colonies, vital for Mechanoids)
Technocracy in RS (Because it simplifies the tech tree a lot in some ways, and brutal technological efficiency fits what I imagine Mechanoids would tend towards)

If I really want to min-max I might go Inefficient (25% supply increase is easy to compensate for on carrier designs) and Industrious or Moon Base, for the extra labor/space potential.

I sort of wish there was something to ensure your home world started at an above-average number of tiles, as the Industrious bonus only working on your homeworld is somewhat disappointing.
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Syzygy Mar 18 @ 5:29pm 
Any way to make star children viable?
Star children are pretty viable, what are you struggling with Syzgy? Since this sounds more like a general not knowing how to make them function to the same degree you can make other races work for you.
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dolynick Mar 19 @ 11:05am 
Mothership races, like the Star Children have a few stumbling blocks that you need to overcome.

The first is that they tend to be slower to expand, since they have limited sources of colonization (motherships) and they have to travel to colonize. Getting multiple motherships out helps a lot. Illyia likes to build massive sublight speed colonization sleds for travel, the other option is to use FTL like the AI does - lots of little hops between planets within a system even to cut down travel time. The latter may require you to invest in an early FTL storage (or two) and capitilize on FTL Shard asteroids or an FTL planet (if you're lucky).

The other problem with Star Children is that they only get population growth on the mothership, whereas other races have growth going on simultaneously on all their planets. That means they have less population to "deploy" for colonization. Having multiple motherships helps here as well. On the plus side, it means their economy doesn't dip and swing nearly as much as others because their planet income stays consistent.

It's a more micro intensive playstyle and tends to leave you at a disadvantage in the early game. You're spending more resources on motherships and FTL (if you go that route) to fuel expansion. If you manage it well though, I think they tend to do fine and have certain advantages once established.

If you're interested, DOF currently has implemented two different takes on "mothership" races - the Goa'uld and the Wraith. Each has its own take on the concept and ways of addressing the underlying problems of motherships. The Goa'uld have easier access to more motherships and some FTL boosts while the Wraith have a radically different economic model and simple (automatic) planet management. I personally don't think they're as difficult to manage as the Star Children, in fact I'd say the Wraith are on the easy side of things since their style plays directly into making them quite strong. Playing either of them might be good prep for trying your hand at Star Children. You'll get the hang of managing ship based colonization but without some of the other drawbacks of the stock mothership race.
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One thing doly, while you might have more pop to expand with when expanding with most other races if not micro-ing your colonisation and what planets colonise what you don't use all that population anywhere near effectively.
It appears it will drain from the highest pop planet you have (which hurts your econ a lot more) first then moves to another. Also means expansion can be that bit slower.

With Nylei the main learning curve is generally Colonisation or Labour production.

Colonisation honestly it is all about getting that second and third mothership out ASAP which does mean going for such a silly design as nothing but engines and 3 seperate control cores. Otherwise only mono without an FTL planet or asteroids will expand slower than you. You'll still be slow and fairly open in PvP to get your econ wrecked by raids (though more resitant than the mono to that, in PvP mono can be insta-loss depending on who your against).

You can attempt to use more "normal" mothership designs but you need to use them at Size 500 not the size 1000 the default design is or else your not getting it out anytime soon and will be too far behind.

In terms of labour production, you can stack every single ounce of labour that you have into one shipyard thats been tractored into deepspace in order to keep it safe. Generally you'll be fine on labour during the expansion phase and once you've got past that use two of the motherships to chrun up other size 500 cheap mothership and move them into deepspsace. Have all of them export to the shipyard and you'll be looking at labour levels that rival the mono capabilities. A size 500 mothership thats not using loads of power, support or supply hexes will cost you $0 maintence when at max pop on it. Just takes a bit to get to it.

If you have the DLC, collectivism can be a huge boon to th Nylei since free asteroids means free resources and in turn free resource stacking. Expect to make good use of this bit, you might not get the ship bonus HP from factories with Colelctivism but for the Nylei getting the chance every 5 minutes for another research, energy or labour source is very very good,
ColSaid here.
As for your Dec. 8th request, I normaly play the human races, more for the fact that things are more the same as in the Teck tree ect, ect. I most always play DOF mod. Right now I have been playing as "Goa'uld, a little slow in colonizing at start, (they have Motherships that do the colonizing), It seems that you do the Teck tree a little faster too, (reserch instant, if you have the points).
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I like using the mono with slipstream:
You only have to build a single size 300 ftl station in any given galaxy. Just a simple design with nothing but ftl. That design will reach anywhere in the galaxy for between 1-200 ftl depending on distance. On top of that the slipstream stays open for 11ish minutes, while it drives down the ftl cost of colonization. Ultimately it's extremely cost efficient, and can remove one of the big stopgaps to expansion.

On top of that, they synergize insanely well with phasite. (Phasite gives research based on planet pop) since they can easily overpopulate a planet with little consequence, you can use phasite to massively overclock your research. I wouldn't do this too much, given the economic ramifications of non-contributing pops, but directing all your phasite to your primary pop-building planet will have a single planet easily providing 4 research per turn.
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