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This vs. new Stellaris
Which do you think would be the best choice? As for what I'm looking for in a space 4x, I guess it would have to be immersion, diversity, awesome ships and space battles.

Don't worry about price factor. I wouldn't mind an explanation of what differentiates the two either.
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They are both very very very very different takes on the 4x genre that it's not really viable to directly compare the two but instead really only give the upsides of the two. Both do things in entirely different ways, Stellaris is traditional in it's approach, SR2 attempts something new and unique to give a different approach to 4x games rather than the same formula repeated throughout.

SR2 upsides:
Combat in my opinon can look pretty good, especially when you use the console to turn on cinemode.
Enemy AI does not need any help(cheats) on it's economy side to keep up with most players
Diplomacy is unique and once you get a hang of it is actually quite usable. Just ask how others make use of it if you end up not being able to or finding you don't have enough time to.

Ship design is important and has real meaning. Unlike other games including stellaris where it's a direct rock paper scissors approach to both weapons and defenses. Where after each new weapon or defense unlock, back to the shipyard for your entire fleet for a refit. In SR2 ths is not so it goes as far as even the very shape of your design and where you place things can effect how viable in combat it is.

Most of the research tree is built around passives rather than ship part ulocks(subsystems) or orbital/plane building unlocks. All unlocked subystems are generally to add more options for you to use which are better in some situations but not outright better.

Game sizes can be massive and dependant upon your computers CPU/RAM for how large you can go.

SR2 Up to you points:

Games are generally a lot shorter, it's balanced around the default settings which means things can be over in the 45-60 minute mark once you figure the game out, most mp games that are done competively well very very rarely get past the hour mark unless both players are pretty even in skill.

Non-Traditional diplomacy, don't be expecting to use treaties outside of players.
No trading with AI )which in my view is good because it's easy to game it in every single game)

AI difficulty settings actually change it's difficulty by changing it's "smartness" rather than giving it inherent cheats. Cheats can be set b you and customised as to what levels the AI get from none to small bonuses to stupidly insane.
SR2 downsides:

Enemy AI in combat is pretty poor and can be easily tricked into doing stupid things. This is generally due to the AI being done by a tiny team (the entirety of Sr2 was made by about 4 people) the time clearly went into making it's economy function and be competetive without cheats. Ai is very very predictable in how it will attack and can even onc you've learnt make it so it never ever bothers with you.

Very very little in the way of world building/lore in game.

I don't have the stellaris expansions and haven't played since the Heinlein updates so can't say about now but the things stellaris does better than SR2 were the following:

Much much better world building, stellaris is actually very good fot his and is it's main attraction in my opinion, the combat is mediocre, things move pretty slow.
Ai is better at combat.
If you like traditional diplomacy this is all Stellaris diplomacy is.

All in all if you want the same type of game you've seen with each succesive 4x game just with slight improvements here and there over the previous go for Stellaris. If our bored of the traditional formula and want to see some of the new takes on the 4x genre that the indie community has been coming up with go with SR2.

If you go for SR2 be sure to [ick up the expansion.
Sr2 is really lovable game. In mp it shines.
Korhaka Apr 22 @ 5:12am 
If you were to start a game of Stellaris in MP and a game of SR2 in MP, you will actually finish the game of SR2. Although I am kinda interested in how well SR2 could go for longer games like 12+ hours, the research would probably allow going that far before running out of things.
Jewbacca Apr 22 @ 3:31pm 
Imperium Galactica 2 game play stomps both to dust, but that game is too old, and it won't be reworked anytime soon.

I prefer this one, because the relative quick clean up phase. Man playing a big game on Stellaris is a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥ 70% of your game is declare war, then conquer 99% of the enemy, then keep 3 of their planet from the 17. You got over 50 planets, and fleet powerful enough to destroy the fallen empires, but you must struggle for many many in game years to defeat those small....

Not to mention the extreme laggs during late game. I think that was problem too with this game, and is still is on really big games if you make the game fast. There are literary thousands of ships everywhere that needs to be moved in 3D at the same time, and it eats your CPU no matter how badass is.
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