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TI3 on computer?
So looking to get this because I've been looking for a 4x for forever that has more interaction between the nations and this seems like it. Basically I've been looking for Twilight Imperium 3 but on the computer. It seems all of the popular 4xs which I have are the same build up and continually smash your enemy as the sole interaction between the species, well that and very limited diplomacy options. So can anyone speak to that on this game? Can you do what it appears you can where you can pass as a Galactic community binding laws of nations, and use diplomacy against one another to influence the game? Thanks for any information anyone can provide.
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ColSaid here.
Just a quick note for you, untell the more knowageble gamer shows.
In PvP I hae been beating with just diplomacy, you can set what is to be the Victory conditions are in a game. What type of goverment a racer has, well the race your going to play that is.
In the base game, there are 9 Race's. Of which 3 have a Goverment as "Empire", 2 are Communism, 2 are Theocracy, and 1 is Capitalism.
I'll try with another post to try and tell you how it is done.
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Diplomacy and Influene, you earn in the game, and spend in the Diplomacy Tab, (a new window will open for this).
Diplomacy cards are for sale on a rotational schedle which updates regularly. The number of cards for sale is dependent on the number of empires in the game.
Dipolmacy cards can be bought for influence and used as cards in the diplomacy window for an additional influence cost. The three types of cards are, proposal, voting, and action. Proposal cards allow you to initiate a propoal that everyone can vote upon, voting cards allow you to exert influence on pending proposals, and action cards are diplomatic actions you can take immediaely. This all happens in the Galaxy Senate. Oh you to can run for the office of Senate Leader, ( if you think you'll have the Votes).

Up top of this page the is some Game Guides, and some walk thouges. Also there are some Free Mod that expand the game. There are Groups too. Some multiplayer games, from time to time.
Yes you do have Treatys, Trade, Alliances, gift ships, $$$$, planets, to sweeten the deal.
One other word, addind Wake of the Haralds brings more depth to the game, as well as more Factions.
Also see at the top of discussions, you will see "Featured Mods" DOF Mod will add even more to Sttar Ruler-2. Enjoy ColSaid (Ret)
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Binding Law's. The only one's that come to mine would be when just before you start a game, you can chose one or more Races as your team mate. Those that you chose can not break away. You get every agreament, trade, vision, support in the Senate. As far as I know. There is a option in game "Options" when seting up where you cheak "break teams" if, oh now can't remember right now.
Originally posted by Meltdown:
Can you do what it appears you can where you can pass as a Galactic community binding laws of nations, and use diplomacy against one another to influence the game?
This game doesn't have much in the way of "classic" diplomacy, so if you're looking for diplomatic intrigue, complex negotiations, etc, you won't find that here. Standard diplomacy-wise, you can suggest a treaty (share vision, trade, defense, or alliance) or declare war, and that's pretty much it. No negotiations, nothing - you can't, AFAIK, offer a planet in exchange for a defense treaty, or trade techs. There is no Civilization-style "conversation" screen, either.

Government types (capitalism, communism, etc) are mostly flavor and only provide some starting bonuses. Beyond that, there is absolutely no diplomatic or any other consequence.

What this game calls "diplomacy" is something like a card minigame. ColSaid explained it, but I'll try to clarify.

Planets have resources on them -- how you develop resources is also unconventional so I won't get into that here. If you develop, say, "Research" resource, you get a steady influx of research points that you can spend to unlock new techs. One of the resources is called "Influence", which is used for diplomacy cards.

Accumulated Influence points can be spend on buying cards from the card stack or using those cards. You can see the actual interface on the third screenshot in the store page. Most of the standard diplomacy has been shifted to the card system -- annexing planets and systems, for example, is a "vote", where you play the annex card, and then add vote cards until the tug-of-war timer runs out. The side with the most votes wins.

If you have a decent Influence generation, you can use the cards to great effect. You could annex an opponent's empire planet by planet, system by system, without using your fleets offensively, or even openly declaring war (of course, they will probably declare war on you once you♥♥♥♥♥♥them off enough, so at least you need to have defense :D).

The diplomatic victory is achieved by playing certain cards and winning their votes.

If you lack Influence generation, or need some boost, you can also offer rewards for votes. Say, "I will give $200k to anyone who gives 5 positive votes to this proposal". (I have occasionally voted against my own proposals to get some extra resources xD)

One final point, you can't withdraw from the Galactic Senate. Even if someone is annexing your planets, you can't stop them except by voting against them. You can only reconquer the planet with you military or with another annex vote.
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dolynick Mar 25 @ 11:17pm 
Diplomacy in SR2 is a bit unique and can be quite powerful. If you are looking for something like the World Congress from Civ V though, you're not going to find it here (at least not against the AI). You're not going to be declaring a galaxy religion, setting up Galactic Fairs or embargoing specific resources or rival empires.

There are certain events that are akin to setting "policy" for the Galaxy, at least temporarily. They're called Zietgeists and they determine if a certain aspect of development is a focus and who reaps the benefit. It's all kind of randomized though and not self-determined like setting a UN agenda in Civ V.

The "card minigame" that often gets referred to in this game is actually, in my opinion, a fairly good abstraction. It represents chance in what diplomatic options are available but also lets you decide your focus because you get to choose what aspect to invest in by buying only the cards you want. Empires that go heavy into influence/diplomacy still benefit because they simply have more points to invest and thus more potential options to play.

Still, most cards are geared to a more practical or strategic sense. Annexation is quite powerful and can definitely help you win the game, but it's basically a non-combat method of achieving the same outcome as direct conquest. I suspect that it's not going to give you that real diplomacy and negotiation vibe that you are looking for. There is the new Senate Leader and Diplomatic Victory endgame now but it's not quite the same as getting yourself declared World Leader by the UN.

The game does support a full array of alliance states as well as gifting just about anything. Unfortunately, the 2.0 AI really doesn't do any of it so unless you're playing with or against other players, it kind of goes to waste. It's one area of the game where I feel something is missing.
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