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Gauging interest in an RS match
I would use the RS forums, but in my experience virtually nobody goes there even when they're posting RS-specific stuff, so...

Who would be interested in a game of Rising Stars starting somewhere between 18:00 and 20:00 CET (17:00-19:00 UTC) on one of the following days?
  • Saturday, February 18 - in other words, today. I did initially think 'why not run a game tonight', but I can see how it might be somewhat short notice, so...
  • Sunday, February 19 - tomorrow.
  • Next weekend, February 25-26.

Organization will occur in the #matchmaking channel of the RS Discord server[]. While I do have some preliminary ideas on what setup to run, nothing's set in stone yet, except for one thing:

We will be running the latest official release of the mod. This may be 1.0.2, or it may be 1.1.0 - that depends on whether I push the patch or not - but it should be downloaded solely from ModDB or the Steam Workshop. If you really want to use GitHub, use the latest commit to the 'WorkshopBuild' branch - but I would strongly recommend against that.
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Sounds like that would be at midnight my time (-05 UTC). I think I might be able to join that.
I think I got it wrong

Edit: the time should be around noon my time
I'm in Europe - you're both on the East Coast, which makes you UTC-5, which makes you CET-6, which means I'm writing this at 4:21 your time.

That would mean the game starts somewhere between 12:00 and 14:00 your time, and lasts until 16:30 at the most because I can't stay online past that. (This doesn't necessarily stop us from saving and continuing later, if everyone's interested in it...)

Originally posted by ColSaid:
Also just how many players are you planning on hosting?

Given the state of the community, I strongly doubt I'm going to have to put a player limit even if it's next weekend. I don't expect that many players.
I might also join on the 25th myself
Originally posted by ColSaid:
Originally posted by Dalo Lorn:

Well you do still have your invite posted, do you not.

Well, I'm hoping to build up to something more regular, so... yeah. The only limit is player interest. :P

I'm 42 mins in a solo game, no crash. It's the Precious Cloud Galaxy, made for just 4 players, tryed 6 player and it crashed.

That one honestly doesn't surprise me. It only has 4 eligible homeworlds, the system probably short-circuited when you told it to put 6 players on them.

Originally posted by MysticVoid7x9:
I might also join on the 25th myself

No more Atroans. >:(

(I have got to figure out what's going on there...)
I was also thinking of using some other race type because it's just no good to have the game crash.

I want to do more than just brake the game for everyone
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I will need to reproduce the crash at some point, see what the hell's going on... but right now a quarantine is the best we can manage.
As far as repeating goes it seems to happen every time we tried starting a game with you hosting and me joining as The First using a FTL drive.

About 3 times we tried it so far and each time it crashed.
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Yeah, I need to attach a debugger to the next crash - so far I've failed to do so.

(It might give me some idea as to what the crash is, even if it doesn't tell me where or why it's happening.)
At the very least it looks like it shouldn't be hard to repeat again. It's just a matter of starting another game.
I think that crashing problem was more a problem that was connected to trying to use the DOF mod and trying far too big a map.
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Similarly, this crashing problem most likely has something to do with the events occurring right before the crash, rather than a hardware problem on my end.
I still have no idea what's causing the various crashes or how to fix it. I don't intend to waste hour after hour restarting the game and starting over, so that's the end of it.
As far as a game goes I think it could happen, but I doubt it would be worth trying it with the rising stars mod until the crashing bug is fixed
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