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Полное руководство X3: Terran Сonflict
by Hoseki
В данном руководстве наиболее полно представлены основные аспекты игры....
X3:TC for Dummies
by Techno
X3:TC for Dummies has been designed with brand new players of the X universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required to get started and good hints to get successful even faster. The inspiration of this guide was knowing how the ne...
Quick New User Guide
by Zloth
A quick guide describing the game starts, missions, and a few words about the learning curve....
X3: Terran Conflict (Spanish). Guia de Inicio y Comercio
by Angryel
Saludos. Esta guia consta de 6 videos en los que pretendo explicar conceptos basicos, como ciertos controles utiles y la manera de empezar a hacer Creditos en el Universo X3 con tu flotilla de naves de comercio automaticas, para que tu puedas dedicarte a...
X3 - Conflit Terrien - Communauté francophone
by OloXolO
Vous trouverez ici des pistes, conseils et explications en tout genre pour bien débuter sur X3 Terran Conflict. Puis, dans un deuxième temps apprendre à vous étendre dans la gestion de votre entreprise commerciale (commerce à grande échelle, station...
Editing Terran Conflict - The Very Basics
by enenra
This is a guide I wrote four years ago and covers the very basics of modding / scripting / generally editing X3: Terran Conflict by EGOSOFT. Originally it was only released on the official forums. While it may be somewhat outdated due to its age, most inf...
Terran Conflict: Tutte le Guide della Community Italiana di X!
by Dna
La seguente guida in realtà è una raccolta di collegamenti alle guide ufficiali create, nel corso del tempo, dalla Community Italiana di X attiva sul forum egosoft . Per offrire una maggiore visibilità a tutte...
Menu Stutter Fix (AMD GPU's)
by DawdlingDan
Fix the menu stuttering introduced in the 13.4 and above AMD drivers which AMD still have not fixed....
X3 Terran Conflict - Factories & Hubs
by Arkanosius
This will teach you how to purchase, position and build factories that require very little attention. It will show you how to build a single, near-gate dock that comprises the entire sector. The purpose of this guide is for players who intend to comple...
X3: Terran Conflict / Изменение графического интерфейса (Games x2)
by aspbazi
Изменение графического интерфейса в игре X3: Terran Conflict (модификация)....
X3 Universe Openart Mod (дополнение к моду kaa_PROgui_1.x)
by aspbazi
Данная модификация предназначена для свободного модифицирования открытого космоса в игре X3 TC-AP. Дополнение к моду kaa_PROgui_1.x....
How to beat up the Terran Conflict in the face
by 3Dguy
Started with a flying heap of junk uncapable of doing even easy missions? Pirates on board of shinning large ships beat you up to a pulp while laughing? Dragging that slow hunk of crap of a ship trought gates for hours without a clue? I know how it feel...
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