Metal Mandalorian Jan 29 @ 9:01pm
How do i sell my Discovery starter ship?
I am docked at an Equipment Dock at Argon Prime and i was reading a guide that told me i could sell it there but when i open the trade menu, there is no option to sell my second ship
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Silvermane Jan 29 @ 10:00pm 
You can only sell ships at shipyards. There is a shipyard in Argon Prime.

I never followed that advice myself. Instead, I manual trade with the mercury until I can afford a trading system extension. Then I switch to the discoverer and explore in it while remote trading the mercury. While exploring, I look for easy scan asteroid missions, return ship missions, and protect station missions.
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clthomps Jan 30 @ 3:47am 
Agree with Silvermane. Just trade until you can afford to buy the items necessary to manual/remote trade with your mercury then explore and do asteroid scan missions in the Disco. Then you are making money trading, mapping the universe and making more money in discovery.
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