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LucidFrost Apr 15, 2014 @ 10:35am
ORB: A Game For Bored Enthusiast.
If you have already spent your time/money elsewhere, and have played through the classic/modern space - RTS/4x in the market, O.R.B. is the literal time-filler for the gap until your next hit (overly realistic travel times was the play for “strategic combat”).

The graphics are what you can expect from the time period. The controls/interface aren't too complicated and or clunky enough to get you frustrated. Unfortunately, the game-play is sub-par. HOWEVER, one can still pick up a double bogey if you decide to push through the full course of the game.

TLDR: ORB is playable, but it isn't worth it overall. The game walks with a limp, and NEEDS modding in order to walk straight.

Good luck, because there are better options.
O.R.B. > General Discussions > Topic Details