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Sinferis May 5 @ 8:43am
MS FF2 joystick not working ingame...?
The joystick remains "dead" : its a microsoft force feedback 2, but it doesnt auto-center ingame, which means it can go full aft and wont go back center as it should do...

I tried force feedback game menu settings, but no difference...

Any idea ?
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Vlad_Dracula_1431 Jul 22 @ 1:34pm 
Hello, nobody answered you.
I just read your message, in X series the force feedback is not well supported, but for the auto-center you can try this trick on this website.


It worked for me, but remember to set back as before when you play to games that support the real force feedback.
Sinferis Jul 23 @ 3:37am 
CC, tyvm !
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