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Liandri Mar 27, 2014 @ 11:38am
Information about the Digital Collector's Edition upgrade
The problem:
Developers and Valve are having some technical difficulties providing an upgrade option for those who owns the base game but want to upgrade to Digital Collector's Edition (it has Digital Comic Book which is exclusive to Steam version).
Steam Store also won't currently allow you purchase the Digital Collector's Edition if you already own the base game.

The (temporary?) solution:
The developer currently accepts user requests via e-mail. It should work like this:
- You send a message to with your proof of the purchase (could be order ID or Steam key, probably).
- The developer issues an invoice via PayPal and send it as a reply.
- After you pay the PayPal invoice, they send you a key for your Digital Collector's Edition upgrade.

The price for the upgrade may vary for different customers (first pre-orders vs indie bundles etc.) or it may be constant for everyone - this is something I don't know.

This may be obsolete in future, if they manage to fix the problem.

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©●◌Marie◌●© Mar 28, 2014 @ 3:18pm 
I don't get why the dev deleted the other thread that was requesting Digital Collector Edition upgrade.

He posted

And he banned many users from the thread that tried to get the refund the dev promised from what i saw via Twitter.

Why this? Just asking for some explanations.
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Nielk1 Apr 15 @ 11:23pm 
I know this is old but I wanted to throw in some input. Better late than never?

I like to poke around the Steam Database and I have a moderate understanding of it's structure.

Could not the following process be done:
1. A new App be added to steam, a DLC for KRUNCH, with the name "Collector's Edition Content", let's give it the theoretical id 1234567.
2. DepotID 280504 and DepotID 280505 be attached to AppID 1234567.
3. Attach the AppID 1234567 to the Subs 40410 and 40266.
4. Remove DepotID 280504 and DepotID 280505 from the Subs 40410 and 40266 as the attached App now handles this.
5. A new Sub be added to the store containing AppID 1234567 and requiring the user already own AppID 280500. (Maybe you could use the existing Sub 40410 for this?)

If I understand the system correctly, this would result in a DLC being created that contains the content and it be owned by anyone who should already have it. The only oddity that would arise would be if someone somehow owns Sub 40410 without owning the base game, which would result in their inability to access the content.

Of course, Valve might not want to bother doing this, you might not have the level of access needed to apply this fix, and you might have long already solved your issue. But hey, it's a forum, what's the point without a peanut gallery to comment?!
Cheeseburgermafia May 19 @ 4:36pm 
DLC can do this just fine. It works for other games.
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