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How to hack Hass' PC
by Drugovich
Many of us are some kind of perfectionists and we want to hack everything we can without being seen or touched or anything else. Wayne Hass' PC is one of the PCs that is really hard to hack 'cause people will see for sure that you're hacking it and here's...
How to kill any boss in 10 sec
by Dark Aasimon
This guide will help you kill all the bosses in the game with ease. ...
Old School Gamer Guide
by -=[DOT.Dreadnaught]=-
In this achievement, I will teach you how to get the Old School Gamer achievement. I hope you like Point-and-Click games, because here we go!...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievements Guide
by Nøstalgia
== Per request - My full achievements guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is now available for the original game == Hi, and welcome to my guide to all achievements in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In this guide, you will find all ac...
The Unlimited XP-Glitch on Jensen's PC is Still Working!!
by Aliona
Just press F5 before hacking for quick save, hack and, WITHOUT OPENING the PC, press F8 - every succsessfull hacking brings 500 more XPs. The same glitch works on all PCs with a direct connection to security nodes (hackable security nodes) in the game - ...
Гайд по поиску 29 книг опыта "Доктор наук"
by Pony_V_Vagone
Гайд по достижению Доктор наук...
DX-HR Praxis Kit Locations
by Jurttu
A list of all the Praxis Kit locations in the game, complete with instructions on how to find them....
Doctorate Achievement - 29 Unique xp eBooks
by Aoi
Exhaustive list of the 29 unique xp eBooks you can find in the game which the most are Hugh Darrow speeches about augmentations....
How to disarm proximity mines
by mxup
Did you know you can disarm them? I was probably half-way the game before I realized. :)...
Foxiest of the Hounds + Pacifist
by 57
Basic guide for 2 of the hardest achievements in the game....
A Beginner's Guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution
by elmahnken
This guide is designed for first-time players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It contains handy tips for how to get started with the game, as well as a few gameplay basics. There are no spoilers in this guide. Even if you have alreayd played Deus Ex through...
Códigos de Acesso / Access Codes
by Predator
Problemas com códigos de acesso a computadores, portas, etc? Aqui você vai encontrar a maioria dos códigos de acesso! Problems with access codes to computers, doors, etc? Here you will find the majority of the access codes!...
Hacking Security Devices and Computers
by wdb-wookie1
Tricks for hacking security devices and computers. ...
Foxiest of the Hounds + Pacifist Achievement Guide
by Rot Krieg
This is a complete video walkthrough series detailing the myriad routes to take in order to complete the game with both the Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds achievements. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me....
Weapon Mod Combination Guide
by Corporal Nanny McTramontane
How to create effective and alternative weapons using weapon mods. (Not counting unique mods)....
The complete guide for a stealthy build
by Ashkenaz
This guide will help you pick the right augmentations to upgrade for a steathly character build....
The D Project Achievement Guide
by -=[DOT.Dreadnaught]=-
In this Guide, I will be teaching you how to attain the D Project Achievement....
Sentimental Value Achievement Guide
by -=[DOT.Dreadnaught]=-
This is a short guide showing how to get the Sentimental Value Achievement....
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