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Doctorate Achievement Save
by mioskus
This guide will help You get Doctorate achievement (Collect all eBooks) in seconds....
How to hack Hass' PC
by Drugovich
Many of us are some kind of perfectionists and we want to hack everything we can without being seen or touched or anything else. Wayne Hass' PC is one of the PCs that is really hard to hack 'cause people will see for sure that you're hacking it and here's...
How to Desu
by Mad Kexan Mage
u ned to find a briefpase toast a pancakes ...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievements Guide
== Per request - My full achievements guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is now available for the original game == Hi, and welcome to my guide to all achievements in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In this guide, you will find all ac...
Deus Ex - Human Revolution How kill Namir WITH biochip
by Zoltan
Youtube Fight wih Namir witch biochip from LIMB Clinic (all augmentations are off). Sorry for my english and different language in game (Czech) Required augmentations: Hack tu...
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Lucky Guess Achievement Guide
by Saruman of Many Colors
The guide to a rather insignificant, but extremely easy to miss achievement in Deus Ex Human Revolution - the Lucky Guess achievement....
Video Guide: Bosses and Malik Rescue (Pacifist, Give Me Deus Ex)
by Aliona
The Bosses in DXHR are not really hard, the hardest thing is to save Malik)) The last video is for the gamer who have upgrated the biochip: it requires special tactics to kill Namir) There's no video how to defeat Zhao because it's too easy: after you'...
The Unlimited XP-Glitch on Jensen's PC is Still Working!!
by Aliona
Just press F5 before hacking for quick save, hack and, WITHOUT OPENING the PC, press F8 - every succsessfull hacking brings 500 more XPs. The same glitch works on all PCs with a direct connection to security nodes (hackable security nodes) in the game - ...
Secret Bonuses at 2nd PC Hacking attempt EN/RU
by Aliona
It is WORTH TO HACK THE SAME LOCK with a DIRECT CONNECTION TO THE SECURITY NODE TWICE)) On Jensen's pc in the 3rd Detroit part I've managed to get at the 2nd hacking attempt 1000 xp instead of usual 500 )) and it WASN'T that famous Unlimited Praxis Poin...
Sentimental Value Achievement Guide
by Dread - Still Gone(Sorta)
This is a short guide showing how to get the Sentimental Value Achievement....
Old School Gamer Guide
by Dread - Still Gone(Sorta)
In this achievement, I will teach you how to get the Old School Gamer achievement. I hope you like Point-and-Click games, because here we go!...
Cyberboost and you: A guide to understanding Energy.
by Nero The Lime
If you've played for a bit and are wondering "Why isn't my 2nd energy bar regenerating?" you've come to the right place....
The D Project Achievement Guide
by Dread - Still Gone(Sorta)
In this Guide, I will be teaching you how to attain the D Project Achievement....
Hanger 18 Achievement Guide
by Dread - Still Gone(Sorta)
This is a quick simple guide that will teach you how to get the Hanger 18 Achievement. NOTE: There may be spoilers to the game in this guide, so read at your own risk....
Hax0r1! Achievement Guide
by Dread - Still Gone(Sorta)
In this guide, I will explain an easy way to hack things in the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and get the Hax0r1! Achievement. The most important thing about this is your Augmentations. If you follow this guide, you will be hacking computers back in f...
The complete guide for a stealthy build
by Ashkenaz
This guide will help you pick the right augmentations to upgrade for a steathly character build....
Ten Things You’ll Think Playing Deus Ex 3
by Jesus Is My Friend
Five reasons to be hugely excited Deus Ex 3 and five reasons to be knuckle-chewingly nervous await you below. I spent this weekend playing the first ten hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. When I finished those ten hours, I went back and played them ag...
Гайд по поиску 29 книг опыта "Доктор наук"
by CattusEx
Гайд по достижению Доктор наук...
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