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DX-HR Praxis Kit Locations
by Jurttu
A list of all the Praxis Kit locations in the game, complete with instructions on how to find them....
Foxiest of the Hounds + Pacifist = Made Easy
by RnA
This is a very simple guide that will briefly explain various methods to get the hardest achievements of the game....
殺出重圍3:人類革命成就指南 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievement Guide with Chinese
by Calaud
Deus Ex Human Revolution Boss Taktik German
by Dovar
Die Perfekte Taktik für alle Bosse (Wirkt leider immer) Die Kurzform: bevor der kampf beginnt ein paar Hypostim/Painkiller und 1 bis 2 Cyberboost pro energy riegel zur vorsicht einwerfen Man braucht das Taifun-Sprengsystem und mindestens 2 mal munitio...
Foxiest of the Hounds + Pacifist Achievement Guide
by Rot Krieg
This is a complete video walkthrough series detailing the myriad routes to take in order to complete the game with both the Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds achievements. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me....
A Beginner's Guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution
by elmahnken
This guide is designed for first-time players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It contains handy tips for how to get started with the game, as well as a few gameplay basics. There are no spoilers in this guide. Even if you have alreayd played Deus Ex through...
Как играть с русскими субтитрами и английской озвучкой
by John371
В этом руководстве, я опишу процесс того, как сделать игру с русскими субтитрами и английской озвучкой без установки стороних программ и ан...
Hacking Security Devices and Computers
by wdb-wookie1
Tricks for hacking security devices and computers. ...
How to Easily Defeat Federova
by elmahnken
The simplest, most effective way to beat Deus Ex's Second Boss....
Foolproof way to defeat Barrett
by Onihikage
Stuck fighting Barrett with a stealth build? This guide is for you....
Códigos de Acesso / Access Codes
by Predator
Problemas com códigos de acesso a computadores, portas, etc? Aqui você vai encontrar a maioria dos códigos de acesso! Problems with access codes to computers, doors, etc? Here you will find the majority of the access codes!...
Stealth, questo sconosciuto!
by Squall811
"La pazienza è la virtù dei fortu" Tenete bene a mente queste parole, quando deciderete di affrontare DE:HR in modalità stealth. Se fino a questo momento avete vissuto in una grotta, lasciate che vi spieghi per benino cosa voglia dire questa p...
Foxiest of the Hounds + Pacifist
by 57
Basic guide for 2 of the hardest achievements in the game....
How to disarm proximity mines
by mxup
Did you know you can disarm them? I was probably half-way the game before I realized. :)...
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