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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Taliesyn 25 Ago, 2013 às 17:50
Legend Achievement
Just a quick question - I notice that the wording on the Legend achievement was changed at some point, no longer stating that you have to be at Deus Ex difficulty the entire game. Does that mean you no longer have to be in that difficulty start to finish, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
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DRL 26 Ago, 2013 às 12:02 
Playng on Deus Ex last dificulty is easy in fact i only play on that difficulty and i can't see not even one level or place that can make a player stuck so play the whole game on GIVE ME DEUS EX :P
Ѕσjδμгиеŗ 26 Ago, 2013 às 13:45 
Just finished it for the first time on "Give Me Deux Ex" and it's really not that difficult if you're familiar with shooters and combat/stealth tactics. Since you already have "The Mantis" and "The Snake" achievements, you know how difficult those two are. Well, at "Give Me Deux Ex" level, they are unbelievably hard, especially if you didn't pack enough eletromagnetic weapons with you before you go in. Having the dermal armor upgrade already wouId also have been a big help. I must have gotten killed dozens of times on each before I finally figured out what combination of weapons would defeat them...

I must also say... A ƒűɔΚɪƞǧ incredible game!
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Taliesyn 29 Ago, 2013 às 17:27 
To be quite honest, beating those two bosses took me an insane amount of save-scumming on the middle difficulty; I'm really quite terrible in FPS-style games. On top of that, I was curious - I would want to know the answer to this even if I already had the achievement!

I guess I'll just have to assume not a single person actually knows the answer, then. Shame I no longer have my saves, or I'd just load the section just before the final fight (and epilogue) and find out myself.
Ѕσjδμгиеŗ 30 Ago, 2013 às 14:59 
Oh, to answer your question, yeah, you need to stay on the difficult setting for the WHOLE game. No cutting corners, sry....
glimourps 31 Ago, 2013 às 9:09 
Just finished my first play-through on 'give me Deus Ex', yet the achievement remains locked. All I can think of is that I missed/messed-up a couple of side missions along the way? But I cleared 'Foxiest' and I missed ALL the side missions doing it.

Please please please don't tell me I need to do it again, saving Malik from the Belltower bullies is just so bloody hard!!!
Ѕσjδμгиеŗ 31 Ago, 2013 às 13:36 
I dunno what to tell you. You've got just about all the others, so you're not new at this...
glimourps 3 Set, 2013 às 12:20 
Got it! No idea why it didn't work the first time, I must have mixed up some saves as I had both 'tell me a story and 'give me deus ex' in there... This time, just 'give me...'

Great game, worthy of the name 'Deus Ex' if it had a better ending it would be perfect!
Ѕσjδμгиеŗ 4 Set, 2013 às 16:35 
Great. Glad you got it.

Also, as a side note, you mentioned how hard saving Malik is. Well, I can agree it's tough, but there are ways to do it without too much delay, since, as you know, the clock is running on this one.

See my recent note on this.
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