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Zeph Feb 12, 2013 @ 10:04am
15 hours in, and struggling get interested.
As the title states I've been playing Deus Ex for around 15 hours but I'm struggling to get interested. I did a bit of background research before buying the game, and it looked like a game I would enjoy, although never completely influenced by reviews, the reviews for Deus Ex all looked fantastic, so was the feedback from gamers I know. I'm wondering if the game gets better? I'm currently about half way through (I suspect) the missions in Asia, but I'm really struggling to be get into the story, or the characters. The story is ok, but not great, and the main guy completely annoys the hell out of me, especially the voice, I like the other characters, but it's as if they've purposely made this guy in to a cheesy action guy, with crappy over the top deep voice, just emphasis his macho personality. Usually I can look beyond this, but a large amount of the game is placed on interactions.

Perhaps it's just not the game for me, which is fine, I've encountered it a few times, but it's usually rare. Just wondered if anyone else had similar experiences, then had been completely won over?

P.S sorry if I sound like I'm bashing your favourite game, I have tried to remain constructive.

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Jensen only comes over as a "cheesy action guy" if you play him that way. I`m not saying he`s an incredibly deep character or anything but he has his moments. Try playing the game stealthy, as little lethality as you can get away with, and it completely changes the character, just from how his words line up with your actions.

I was pretty sceptical at first too, the intro/tutorial sections really don`t sell it too well and most of Detroit is kinda "eh" just because you don`t have as many options yet, but by the time I got into the final mission of the Hengsha hub, bluffing and sneaking my way past guards and cameras I was hooked.

The ending is kind of a let down though, and the boss fights, dear lord the boss fights why are they so bad.
Zeph Feb 12, 2013 @ 11:21am 

Cheers for the reply.

I actually play the game stealthy, I have it on the highest difficulty, and play it with about 70% stealth, 30% action. Basically I wont start the game if I get spotted, and get in to a fire fight, as I like to keep it realistic. It's his characters, and mannerisms that get me annoyed.
He`s larger than life, no questions, but compared to say... Master Chief, the guy from Gears of War or any MMS protagonist ever he`s surprisingly subdued and human. I suppose I just ignore much of what you dislike as I just assume it was included for the purposes of appealing to the less cerebral crowd and move on. If youa ren`t as forgiving of that, I`m not gonna jump down your throat about it.

That said, considering some of the stuff Jensen pulls off he`s well entitled to a little swagger I think, auged to all hell or no.
9943 Feb 12, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
I never got into Jensen. Disliked him from the start and ever since. Part of this is due to the fact that Jensen is too human for my taste, but that is part of the story. Still I just can't relate to him. In my eyes, he's an honest ex-cop that plays by the book and this attitude doesn't change no matter how I play him. Then there's that Megan thing I don't care for either, feels like throwing in some romantic interest.
I agree that all the stuff I don't like about this game is probably stuff made for the less cerebral crowd, nicely put. And I also went on ignoring what I disliked as the game itself is good, but I remain torn.
I felt I could make JC Denton mine, with Adam Jensen I feel I'm just watching his story. Didn't find that too interesting either.
[VLR] Virtus Feb 12, 2013 @ 5:25pm 
Over all they don't go very deep into him but at the same time they try to which I think is why you get annoyed. I agree the whole Megan love interest bit really doesn't serve a purpose in my opinion. It is a side that never sees even becomes more open at the end which is even worse. They do the same with the officer women he used to patrol with, clearly something going on there but no more is told.

Back to Jensen. Like all the Deus Ex characters, especially JC, they are set to a macho standard. I would love to see a game where what they say or how they say things is modified by the actions you take. If you play leathal then he may be brash and not care, like when telling Cassandra that her daughter's neck was snapped and body burned. r if you play stealthaly he may be more cautious and maybe caring.

Oh yeah the "ending" that was anything but. It`s obvious they were hoping to sell us more DLC, or weren`t willing/capable of actually having a bloody epilogue. Whatever the choice you make, you don`t get to see♥♥♥♥♥♥of the actual effects, only a little outro by Jensen. Not a glimpse, not a still image, not a line of bloody text about how the world changed. One can make the argument that all that really matters is the conclusion Adam came to, but that`s a copout and you know it.

And none of this bloody matters anyway because we KNOW how the whole thing turns out, longterm, whatever truth you decide to broadcast.
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