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ReDrigger! 10 feb 2013, ore 10:59
Help finding Heu Hung Hotel
I just got to Hengsha, (and and did the first quest there), so I want to stop at the weapon dealer that is apparently in the Hue Hung Hotel. But I'm completely lost to where it is, could somebody give me like a landmark or something to go by?
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Kauldwin 10 feb 2013, ore 12:21 
Um, the roof that Malik first lands you on in Hengsha has a door that opens into the hotel. It's also very close to the Hive - the front of the Hive is basically facing the back of the Hung Hua (although you have to walk around to the front of the Hung Hua to get it). You'll know it when you see it - there's a big sign with the name & a bunch of pics of working girls on the front of the building.
ReDrigger! 10 feb 2013, ore 13:32 
Kayo, thanks, I kinda got myself lost after Malik dropped me off, so I'll have to find the pad again. Shouldn't be too hard.
IBPROFEN 10 feb 2013, ore 21:43 
LOOK for Blue and white "?" signs they point to the way.
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