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Furry Eskimo 2013年2月9日 11時58分
Is there suposed to be so much lag??
Now I'm not sure if it's something they threw in to be fixed by an og, or whatever, but I'll move my mouse and there's WAY more then a little hangtime before the game reacts. Anyone else have this problem?
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ArchangeL 2013年2月9日 12時13分 
How high do you set your Anti alaising?
Joruzhia 2013年2月9日 12時26分 
YA pal i got same ♥♥♥♥. And my pc overs minimum recuirements and I tried to play with low settings but i still got that lag when moving mouse
ArchangeL 2013年2月9日 12時31分 
Make sure you have the latest Update for your Graphiccard or set to Directx 9 and Edge Mlaa.
I have not this problem but i want try to help.
Joruzhia 2013年2月9日 12時35分 
Good to have someone like you... guy who wanna help other people datz really cool. I'll try dat
ArchangeL 2013年2月9日 12時41分 
Ok do that.
Joruzhia 2013年2月9日 12時48分 
ok i got latest versions etc. But mouse still lags I turned out V-Sync too but still lags
ArchangeL 2013年2月9日 12時59分 
Then set Triplebuffering on and try to set the mousesensitivity down.It may be that it is set too high.There must be a reason.
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Joruzhia 2013年2月9日 13時27分 
Well eeh... It did work somehow... yo thanks dude
ArchangeL 2013年2月9日 13時30分 
Nice I could help.
SmartAndy_s 2013年2月9日 18時38分 
its a driver related issue until they fix it(unlikely) then there is nothing people can do,i have a amd 7970 and i still get below 20 frames per seconds with the game on the lowest it can go no aa,tesselation,ssao,dof, etc.but my graphics card can max out battlefield 3 and far cry 3 with no stutter/mouse lag and those games are WAYYYYYYY more demanding than deus ex human i hope this helped ..greetings fom the u.k
schicks-toni 2013年2月20日 10時43分 
are there some news for problem?
I play DEX on my notebook i7 740QM, GT330m and 8GB of RAM
my mouse reacts that slow that it is absolutly not playable :(
Cloaked Figure 2013年2月20日 23時20分 
I had the same problem on my gaming laptop which had an Nvidia 680m in it. This fixed all the stuttering for me, real simple thing someone found online.
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