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Dan Fury 2013年4月20日 2時42分
Please Square Enix, be awesome and bring the Directors Cut enhancements to PC
They are doing a WiiU version with the DLC included, High-Res Textures and fixed bossfights.
DE:HR is my favorite game of the last 10 years and after I played it on 360, I got the PC Version for 3D and the DLC... and it's awesome. I don't want the WiiU version, because it will loose 3D, so please bring the fixed bossfights and new textures to PC too. They can be exclusive for a while, but please bring it over then, I want to play this game surely again with Oculus Rift next year.
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RMJ 2013年4月21日 9時59分 
Yeah i gotta say, im gonna be a bit sad and pretty angry, if we dont get it. I mean improved boss fights, is something the game needs, it the huge downside of this game.

It doesnt seem fair to not fix this in all versions.

Not to mention the DLC should have be integrated in the game on the PC as well. In deus ex, DLC should be part of the main story, not split into a seperate experience byt it self.
Cylon #2 2013年4月23日 8時23分 
*fingers crossed* What if they would release a new Deus Ex? :)
Kauldwin 2013年4月23日 11時56分 
The_Tactician の投稿を引用:
We need to see more information on some charachters, like Barret, Megan Reed and others like Sandoval. Hopefully if they add an expansion or something well get these questions answered.

If you want more info on Barret, Fedorova, and Namir, you should pick up the companion novel (The Icarus Effect). Takes place just before the events of DX:HR and really fills out the backstory for the Tyrant squad.
ISSACKLARK 2013年4月28日 21時54分 
There was another discussion by another member on thae same topic , i think its about time we started a "PETITION".
Knights 2013年5月2日 14時06分 
It probably won't UNLESS they feel generous.... This has been done to attract people to the Wii U and to buy that console...
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