Deus Ex: Human Revolution
†ΗЦИĐ∑ЯβỌŁŦ 2013年4月19日上午5:58
Record Demo
Someone Know how do 1 demo?
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HunterKiller 2013年4月19日上午6:14 
Do you want to record a. 'Demo' or, 'Video?' I have no idea how to make games and to create a Demo, you need to know programming. However, if you want to create a, Video, you need to find a video recording program like; Fraps or, BandiCam. I use Fraps, full version from buying it. BandiCam is free, full version, I think? There are several out there on the web. Fraps also come with a free version but, it only lets you record 30secs of video.
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