indyxt 2013年10月27日下午11:02
Contents of a gift changed
From some time ago I have a gift of Deus Ex collection in my inventory and it used to contain DE1GOTY+DEIW+DEHR+Missing Link and tiny DLCs for DEHR. But now it says only DE1GOTY+DEIW and in greyed out font "augmented edition of DEHR", so Missing Link is gone with all those tiny DLCs? Did anybody notice the same thing with their "old" gifts?

Even though description has changed, contents did not! Dont trust steam support. Have fun.
最后由 indyxt 编辑于; 2013年11月4日上午5:00
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[R]Specom 2013年10月27日下午11:59 
They must have changed it, because they removed DXHR+TML recently from the Store page. Anyways, were you after trading it?
最后由 [R]Specom 编辑于; 2013年10月28日上午12:17
indyxt 2013年10月28日上午12:09 
Yes, I dont mind trading it (if I inderstood your question correctly). It's just that I dont know what is exactly in it anymore.
[R]Specom 2013年10月28日上午12:17 
The package only has the first Deus Ex and Invisible War game.
indyxt 2013年10月28日上午12:27 
That would be a major screwover from SquEnix. Need more confirmations.
Crendgrim 2013年10月28日上午8:03 
I have the same problem here. My gift's image turned into saying "Steam Gift" (instead of the previous Deus Ex logo), so I checked it and saw exactly what you are describing.

The collection seems also to be gone from the shop.
indyxt 2013年10月28日上午11:10 
So they (SquEnix or Steam) can just do what they want even with something we already own? What the hell. I understand patches and upgrades, but this kind of trickery should not be allowed.
Poachie 2013年10月28日下午9:47 
I noticed the same thing with my Deus Ex Collection too. They shouldn't take the games away just because they don't sell them anymore - we already bought it.
lyndonguitar 2013年10月30日上午11:23 
that sucks, I have all the games on my account(except the DC edition) because I activated my Deus Ex Collection Gift JUST before the removal of it from the store. (i won it from a giveaway)

Maybe if you activate it, it is possible that you would get the legacy version of DE:HR + DLCs instead, even if it is not stated, not sure though, better ask support.

If it doesn't well that sucks. They shouldn't be able to remove contents of already bought gifts as they wish. It's as good as a game in the library anyway. Games already in the library stays there even if the games are pulled back, I don't see the reason why on Gifts it shouldn't
最后由 lyndonguitar 编辑于; 2013年10月30日上午11:23
Poachie 2013年10月30日下午7:14 
That would be wonderful, but I'm not going to redeem it unless I get some kind of confirmation. Perhaps there's something with the gift mechanism that doesn't allow legacy games to be kept in the package.
indyxt 2013年10月30日下午9:30 
I guess we'll never know until someone tries to unpack this gift. Too bad I already have them all bar DeusExGoty.
lyndonguitar 2013年11月2日上午3:34 
did you contact steam support about it already?
himmatsj 2013年11月2日上午5:36 
Just unpack it already. Methinks it is contained within there. If not, launch a class action lawsuit. You'd win millions in real world dollars!
Poachie 2013年11月3日下午2:57 
So I contacted Steam Support, and the staff member that answered said my gift only includes the first two games, but it additionally includes the augmented edition of DE:HR. Kinda weird that he didn't just say the collection still included all three games.

What follows is my question and its response:

"Hi, I bought the Deus Ex Collection from the last summer sale as a gift, and it is currently in my inventory. At the time of purchase, the package included 6 items: all three titles in the series plus Human Revolution's Augmented Edition and 3 DLC's. Now that Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is available on Steam, the original DE:HR items are gone from the store and from my gift. So now the Deus Ex Collection in my inventory only has the first two games from the series.

My question is, why have they disappeared? What irks me most is that I bought the package when it included 6 items, and now it only has 2. Can I still get Deus Ex: Human Revolution and all of its Augmented Edition content? Thanks for your time."

"Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

The Deus Ex Collection that is stored in your Inventory only includes Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Invisible War. Additionally, it also includes the Augmented Edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Steam Support is unable to alter the contents of your gift."
lyndonguitar 2013年11月3日下午3:44 
It's like they just repeated the gift's description. pretty uninformative.. although i'm positive now that you'll still get the "old" Deus Ex HR when someone tries to unpack it
indyxt 2013年11月4日上午4:37 
Hey hey hey! MYSTERY SOLVED! Sorry for exclamation marks and caps)
I gave this gift to a friend, and she said that it contains exactly what it had before steam changed the description - DE1Goty, DEIW, DEHR (with 2 DLC), DEHRML.
So no fear brothers! Trade away or share with your friends.
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