Tomix May 19 @ 12:58pm
What ending did you choose first?
I'm still torn between whether I should've chosen the self-destruct or Illuminati ending.
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☠[BH]Robin Williams☠ May 20 @ 12:45am 
Tuskan GA May 20 @ 1:55pm 
I picked the self-destruct ending, and kept picking it every time I replayed the game.

DX:HR is the only game to make me WANT to kill off the main character. Not because he was an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, but because it was the right thing to do.
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Splinter Jun 23 @ 10:03pm 
I chose self-destruct. The other choices were choices others wanted to make for him, but this choice was authentically his. After going down the long rabbit hole of corruption and corporate backstabbing, I don't think he'd trust any of the major players enough to do things their way. Neither would he trust himself to decide the fate of humanity. That's why I chose self-destruct. It seemed the most fitting end for Jensen.
L'Bryan∞ Jun 26 @ 12:11pm 
Self-Destruct, 'cuz i has his own chioce. I save the game at that point so i can listen the speech again and again, as the Keane song.
I really enjoy the game.
The guy rocks.
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