quichybo Mar 27 @ 11:28am
Pointless daily deal if you own the base game?
I bought the base game and missing link a while ago, before the director's cut (DC) was released. Although it is nice that the DC is cheaper this seems just to apply while it is not a daily deal, or do i miss something?
I was hoping that i could save some money, e. g. just one euro instead of four if it is 75% off. But now (while it IS 75% off) it would cost me 4,99€ and no way to save money for owners of the non-DC version. Will this be adjusted or should i just wait until it is not a daily deal anymore?
Please correct me if i mistook something.
Best regards,
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A Puzzlemint of Legend Mar 27 @ 11:32am 
The ownership discount only applies to the full price. It doesn't count when the game is on sale.
quichybo Mar 27 @ 11:35am 
thanks, how annoying.
I hope they will change this. In the DC-forum there also is a thread, sorry for doubling this topic...
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